There were so many world leaders and dignitaries at the funeral for Nelson Mandela, it was billed as the largest gathering of global leaders in recent history.

That makes it even more puzzling that a fake interpreter was able to share the stage and cameras, nearly unnoticed for a few minutes.

Apparently, it's not the first time.  A story from The Guardian says "Members of South Africa's deaf community have previously raised concerns about the interpreter, who has been used at other African National Congress events."

If you've ever paid attention when people are using sign language, you would've quickly picked up that this guy was just making up stuff.  That was apparent if for no other reason than he barely used his left hand.  What he was doing seemed closer to signals in baseball than actual sign language!

Watch some of his "signing" here:

And you can see the PROPER sign language in this video (starting about 25 seconds in):