I was talking on the air yesterday morning about Facebook, and how I wondered if you were becoming bored with it, or at least bored with some of the comments and pictures people post.

The results were interesting, because I found I wasn't alone.  At least as far as hoping people would use it more constructively and positively rather than in a seemingly negative way.

And, those weird pictures and sayings that I find posted...cut that out.

Well, Facebook, whose stock is not having it's best of days, these days, is finding that that they too are dealing with a customer base which is getting increasingly bored with its service.

In a new poll, 34% questioned said they are spending less time on Facebook than they did four months ago.

Another of the poll’s findings is that only 20% of Facebook users have ever bought a product because of advertising or a comment on the social network site.


So, I ask you.  Are you using Facebook as much or less, as before?  Are you bored with it?  And, some of the wacky posts.....how do you feel about them?

Let me know.