Sharing a name with a celebrity can't always be easy. I imagine hearing "No Way!" every time you show your ID would get irritating. Recently, several Kate Middletons have found an additional problem:  Facebook deleting their profiles because they share a name with the soon-to-be princess.

CNN Reports:

Kate Middleton, 33, from Melbourne, Australia, had her account shut down last week, after Facebook suspected her of pretending to be the fiancée of Britain's Prince William.

"I thought I had misspelled my password but it kept locking me out. Then I noticed it said I was 'using a fake name,' she told CNN.

"If they had taken the time to look at my profile they would see I'm not trying to impersonate anyone, I'm just being me."

Facebook reps say they have a no " fake names, aliases and impersonation" policy, and in their attempts to make facebook a secure environment for all, they admit to making mistakes at times.  With how many millions on facebook, there has to be a lot of duplicates out there.  Any of you have famous names? Katy Perry from Grandville? Elton John from Kentwood? You better keep an eye on your fbook profile...