August 10, 2013
I-96 Speedway
3823 Portland Rd, Lake Odessa, MI 48849 United States

Additional Information

Track Meat is a scary, dirty, heart-pumping obstacle course race set in 40,000 BC where you run as a hunter or as the one being hunted!

Yep, we’re restoring the original purpose of running—run or die!

Track Meat is a dirty, adrenaline pumping obstacle course, set in 40,000 BC––you’re either a Predator or Prey, running, dodging, climbing, crawling and clawing your way to survival through a physically demanding course designed by ex-US Army Rangers. 3 miles, 15 obstacles. Success as a Predator means catching meat. Success as Prey means not being that meat! Will you survive? Prove it!

Additional Information

  • The track is 3 miles with 15 obstacles.
  • All fitness levels welcome! Run with friends and family as a team. Minimum age to run is 14 years old as of race day. Military style obstacle course, fun run, mud run.
  • Must register online at
  • Registration closes July 27, 2013
  • First wave kicks off at 8am. Waves are every 20 minutes. Last wave at 2:40pm.