I read the headline and just smiled from ear to ear!

After all the bad news in the world, the wars, the road rage killing in Grand Rapids, the economy, finally a bright spot!  Elizabeth Smart got married in Hawaii over the weekend! I guess her co-workers at Good Morning America noticed her bright ring sparkling in the bright lights and camera last month.  Yup, she confirmed to them that she was indeed engaged to be married.  She announced a Summer wedding to the Good Morning America crew and audience.

But, since there was so much media attention she, her fiance, and their families, decided to move the date up.  So one month later they were married in Hawaii, in private, among their closest family and friends.  A family friend told ABC that the wedding far exceeded Elizabeth's wildest expectations!

I am just so happy for this girl!  She deserves to have her life be filled with nothing but good!  Can you imagine what a spectacle the media would have made of her very special day.  Good for her and her new husband Matthew Gilmour. Wishing them both a loving, peaceful and purpose filled life....