Ele's Place is a healing center for grieving kids.  They've had locations in Lansing and Ann Arbor and are opening a new location here in GR!

Third Reformed Church on Michigan Street will be the home of Ele’s Place.  Laurie Baumer, President & CEO, says “although our weekly support group programs are secular (non-religious based), the warmth and design of the church facilities and the welcoming nature of the church’s leaders told us it was a match.  Grieving families need a supportive environment in which to heal, and Ele’s Place can provide that here.”

In addition to announcing the development and location of Ele’s Place, they also named GR native Gerilyn May as Managing Director.  After losing her 17-year-old son in an accident in 2010; she made it a personal mission to create a comforting, supportive haven for children and teens to grieve in West Michigan. She says "Ele’s Place will provide an environment where children and teens can come together in their grief and move forward with their lives.”

Ele's Place is also looking to fill one full-time, one part-time and several volunteer positions.  Both must paid positions require a Masters in Social Work and that you be licensed.  Training for volunteer facilitators who work with the children will be held in April; no professional experience is required.