Easter is almost here.  And, one of the great traditions for Easter is coloring eggs.

We all grew up coloring eggs for Easter.  And then, as parents, we spent many fun times coloring with our kids.

At our house, we always bought the Paas kit, and, presto, colored Easter eggs.  We were always impatient, though, and once the egg was dipped in the coloring, we'd take it out.  It was okay, but not as brilliant as I wanted.  Well, I've now learned to leave the egg in the coloring at least 5, and maybe 8, minutes for a much more brilliant color.

In searching for new and innovating ideas for coloring eggs, I found a really cool website that has ideas on coloring your eggs naturally.  In other words, not using the dye tablets, but using fruits, vegetables, seasonings, things found in your kitchen.

Sound cool?  It really would be great to do this with the kids.  Go to "What's Cooking America's" website by clicking HERE and you'll get some great ideas.

Happy coloring!