The Grand Haven State Park reported at least 500 people laying on the beach during the March 18th weekend and it was a bit overwhelming for the beach staff.  Even during the month of April the beaches were busier than usual for this time of year and that presents one big problem.  They only have 3 employees on staff right now, because it's not a typical thing for that many people to be lying on any West Michigan beach in the Spring.

Grand Haven State Park does not have their usual staff of 27 because this is still considered "off season."  But, someone has to clean up after all those people, and there are only 3 beach employees until the peak season kicks in.

Sure we've had some really nice weather here during the last couple months.  Sunshine, mid to upper 80's and low 70's, but the surface water at the Grand Haven beach is still in the mid to upper 40's, according to the Coast Guard.  Take that to 10 degrees lower for a foot down from the surface.  So any thoughts of playing in the water for any extended period of time could spell hypothermia, so it's still a no, no, the Coast Guard warns.  Currently, they're gearing up for Memorial Day weekend, come May 28th, and I'll just bet they have a blockbuster, record-setting number of visitors.  .