Have you seen or heard about the woman who went absolutely nuts at a Dunkin' Donuts location in Florida?

Apparently they have a policy that your order is free if you weren't provided a receipt. Well, this woman was in the previous night and didn't get a receipt. When she complained, the worker told her to come back the next day to get the free food.

She did.  And was recording video on her iPhone to post on YouTube.

What happened next?  Well, no reasonable human would ever find appropriate.  It seems like she *really* believed that the masses would agree with and support her after this video was posted.  What happened was just the opposite.  People smacked her down pretty good - internet vigilantism, if you will - by finding her real name, background, jobs and personal information and posting online.  She had to shut down her Facebook, Twitter and Instragram accounts and will probably never work again.

Dunkin' Donuts is honoring the very even-tempered employee who had to deal with her.

This video is mostly NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

You can read more about this woman on TheSmokingGun.com.