Birthday's are such a happy occasion.  Food, family, friends, cake and presents.   And, of course, with the cake comes the song Happy Birthday, right?

Yeah, at home, but what if you're in a restaurant?  Sure, family, maybe friends, food, cake, but.....wait a minute, don't you dare sing Happy Birthday.

What?  You can't sing Happy Birthday in a restaurant?  You've got to be kidding.

This hasn't been a real burning question on my mind, but I got to thinking about it while were having dinner at Applebee's the other night, and there were several birthday's.  Several times,  some of the waiters and waitresses came out singing and clapping some weird concoction of a Happy Birthday song.  It was almost a chant, and a really bad tune.

So, I'm listening to this "celebration" thing, thinking, what happened to good old Happy Birthday?  Is it dead somewhere? Nope!  It's protected by COPYRIGHT!!!! They are legally not allowed to sing it in public, and neither are you.

Oh, the horror of it all.

We can't sing Happy Birthday in public, and here's the explanation I found, of all places, on You Tube.

So, the next time you're out in public, and celebrating someone's birthday, watch out for the Birthday Police.  It might not be a pretty sight!