Every member of every generation has a lot of discussion about how to save money; what to cut, where to trim, how to make more. That's a problem when you need (or want) newer - or different - clothes.  It can be expensive to buy fresh clothing every few months, so the Millenial generation has come up with one great solution!

They're called "apparel swaps!"  Yeah, it's similar to asking your friend(s) "ooh, can I borrow that?" but on a much larger scale.

You can read the entire story from Yahoo.com...

Clothing swaps are a hot ticket for Americans aged 18 to 34. Millennials attend swap house parties from New York to San Francisco. And they gather online, frequenting such sites as Swapstyle.com, which has swelled to more than 55,000 members since its 2002 founding.

Frugality has become a way of life for a cohort weighed down by student-loan debt and high joblessness, according to WSL Strategic Retail. In a WSL survey, 80 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 said it was key to get the lowest price on most things they buy, up from 69 percent two years earlier and the only change among the three age groups surveyed.

Frugal shoppers also are downloading Poshmark, an iPhone app introduced in December that hosts real-time shopping events for members to buy and sell clothes from their closets. Poshmark lets users follow others with similar taste, such as “animal prints” or “Marc Jacobs.”