I'm not sure why this story has me so upset.  No, wait, I know why.  It's because I really love dogs. Sometimes I like the dogs a lot more than the people at the other end of the leash.

This is one time I wish dogs weren't so loyal.

Loyalty to his owner got this dog killed.  Why?  The owner was trying to kill himself.  Drank a bottle of vodka.  Passed out on railroad tracks.  Dog dragged him to safety.

Seriously.  You can read the story here, but my recap is really all you need to know.

Owner?  Two broken ribs and injured shoulder.

Dog?  Killed instantly when it was hit by the train.

Aside from the various human implications, selfishness and debates surrounding suicide, the stupidity of this guy got his lifelong faithful companion killed.  The one companion that was there during the owner's darkest time.

Nice work.  Idiot.