When you get home from work today be sure to give your pet, your dog, your cat, your bird, gerbil or hamster and extra hug.  I have always been an animal lover.  My mom was an animal lover, my dad was an animal lover and my brother is an animal lover.  I guess when you're raised in a household that respects and appreciates the bond between humans and animals it makes for a very special relationship.

I have a similar scene to this one that is uncomfortably burned into my brain.  I was driving down East Paris about 5 years ago when I saw a car pulled over blocking something in the road.  It was something I wish I had never seen.  A woman had pulled over to protect the goose.  The goose had been struck by a car was laying in the road and her mate, (geese mate for life), was standing over the body screaming and flapping her wings.  Oh my God, it hurt my heart so much to see that.  It was just so painful.  I cannot drive past that spot on East Paris, across from the apartments where so many geese call home, without thinking and many times tearing up at the same spot as I did the first time.  I cried hysterically.

Well, this is the story of  "Grace", the name that was given to a dog that would not leave the side of her fatally struck doggie friend.  It happened in La Puente, California.  A dog was struck by a car and the dogs companion, a black lab, would not leave her side as cars passed dangerously close to both animals.

A motorist who saw the dogs put down traffic cones to alert other drivers and shot this very touching video of the dogs. The video shows the female Labrador lying next to a motionless, yellow Labrador.  So the next time someone says, "It's only a dog, or it's only a cat, or it's only any other living breathing animal please remember the compassion this lab showed to her companion."  There are some animals that are even more caring and compassionate than some humans I know.  The black lab has been put up for adoption since no one has claimed her.  Who wouldn't want to adopt a hero dog like her!