With animals, kids and live TV you just never know what to expect.  Speaking as a non-professional I could see that the dog was being overstimulated by the anchor continually rubbing his face.  I am placing no blame on the anchor but for me the dog was beginning to exhibit signs that said "back off."

This happened live on the air at WZZM 13's sister station in Denver.  WZZM 13 management has reviewed the footage and has chosen not to show the actual anchor being bitten in her face.  She is going through reconstructive surgery at a Denver hospital.

WZZM 13 anchor, Lee VanAmeyde shares a story about a dog bite he experienced as a young boy and how that scarred him psychologically and physically for life.

The dog was recently rescued from an icy pond, and the dogs owner was cited for not being up to date on rabies vaccinations.  The anchor will have to go through those vaccinations as well.  The dog is currently quarantined for 10 days and will be evaluated after that.