All of the rainy days we've gotten lately have made for some good movie watching weather.

It's fun to enjoy a movie with the whole family, but choosing an appropriate movie can be a challenge.

Do you trust movie ratings when choosing a family film?

The idea behind our movie rating system is a good one, but it's not without its faults.

When choosing movies for my kids I've had great luck with G rated movies.  PG is a mixed bag and PG-13 is usually, but not always, too much.

Each family has different concerns when choosing a movie.  No system is going to work for everyone.  Age can be used as a major determining factor, but shouldn't be the only method.  Some kids are more mature than others their same age and some kids are less mature than others their same age.

I like to use our ratings system as a starting point, but often find that I don't agree with the rating given.

Here are a few other sources that can be used to help determine which movies are appropriate for your family:

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