I always loved going to the fair when I was a kid.  There weren't any big amusement parks near by, so every year the excitement would build as opening day of the Delaware County Fair drew nearer.  Ah, the rides, food, and, games.  I was certain I was going to win something big, and I'm not kidding when I tell you I probably spent a large percentage of college tuition on those silly games.  I think the best thing I ever won was a plastic spider.  Whoopee!

Well, here is a guy that would put all of us to shame.

Peter Drakos, an unassuming car salesman from Detroit.  Is he good?  Oh yeah.....real good.  He is a ringer.

The problem is that he is so good that at Cedar Point, one of my favorites -- and at many other midways across the country -- management has put limits on the number of prizes any one person can win.


Peter Drakos is one special guy.

Hey Peter, mind going to Michigan's Adventure with me?