Daylight Savings Time. Love it. In fact, if one hour is good, lets advance the clock two hours. Think about it. More time for baseball, golf, picnics, deck parties, etc. If gas prices prevent us from traveling, lets have more time to do fun stuff around town. Those against the idea say they can't sleep with sunlight at 11 oclock. I say try closing the window shades.

We seem to be divided on the value of Daylight Saving Time. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 47-percent don't think the practice of turning the clocks ahead one hour in the spring to extend the afternoon sunshine is, quote, "worth the hassle," but 43-percent believe it's a good idea. The majority of people say they usually aren't caught off-guard by the time change. Only 35-percent admit they've been early or late to an appointment because of confusion sparked by the time change, while 62-percent say they haven't had such problems. Daylight Saving Time came in effect over the weekend, with Americans in most states moving the clock ahead one hour early Sunday morning. Most of those polled knew it was time to "spring ahead," but seven-percent thought the change involved turning their clocks back one hour.