Friday night. Date night.

When it comes to a first date, men and women seem to be starting to think along the same lines. While stereotypically it would be the women on a first date who are thinking "Could we have a relationship together?," 47-percent of the men taking part in a new It's Just Lunch poll admit that's what they're considering when they go out with someone new. Meanwhile, half of the women aren't necessarily thinking long-term, but more are generally wondering "Do I want to see him again?" In addition, 60-percent of the men and 55-percent of the women say they usually determine within the first 20 minutes whether or not they want a second date. In a 2004 It's Just Lunch poll, 79-percent of the men said it took them no more than 15 minutes to decide if they would ask their date out again, while 64-percent of the women said they spent at least an hour determining if they were with a man they wanted to see again.