My mom was just telling me how "Black Friday" is a relatively new term to her. Insert eye roll--  "Oh Mom, Black Friday has been around, like,  forever." But wait, um, what's all this about "Cyber Monday"?

Are there those of you who haven't heard of it? Or am I the one who's so behind the times, not planning on being handcuffed to lap top, ready to nab all those online deals?

The Saturday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday has come and gone. One would expect that the shopping season would start to settle down a little bit but that is exactly what will not happen. Now that Black Friday is over, shoppers are looking forward to Cyber Monday, the one day a year when the online retailers roll out the hottest deals to attract those that avoided the crush of people to stay home and shop online.

via Cyber Monday Making Headway against Black Friday | The News Portal.