Saw this on Facebook earlier and thought it was cute.  It's a video of an overweight dog who struggles to get up because of his extra padding.

This is what the owner said in the post: Meet Ivan the Terrible, a Pomeranian chubster who is not gonna let carbs get in the way of his dreams. Or in the way of his anything. Basically, he will eat all the carbs and then ten minutes later he will hoist himself into an upright position and flounce off, jaunty Christmas scarf flapping behind him.

But after I watched it, I actually got a little sad and concerned for the dog.  You see, our dog Ollie, who passed away about 7 months ago, had a spinal condition that kept him from easily getting up or staying up.  And watching this dog struggle to get up, I thought "even though he's overweight, that just doesn't seem right.  I wonder if he has the same problem Ollie does."  I'm probably just being oversensitive because I hate seeing our little boy struggle so much, but I suppose that's human nature.

I don't have any conclusive proof that this dog may have a spine problem, you think I should message the owner of the dog, or keep my nose out of it?