When Apple released iOS6, there was a huge uproar because Google Maps was no longer available and users would be forced to use Apple Maps.  And those maps and directions really su..., uh, weren't good. Even Apple realized the problem, apologized and told people to use competing apps.

Now, cops in Australia are telling iPhone users they should STOP using Apple's map app.  Why?  Read the story from CNET.com:

Police in Victoria, Australia, issued a warning Monday discouraging iPhone users from relying on Apple's map app after rescuing several people who became stranded in recent weeks in the wilderness following the app's directions -- some who were stranded 24 hours without adequate food and water.

Police said they rescued six motorists who were stranded following Apple's directions to reach an inland city were instead being directed to a national park -- some 43 miles from their desired destination.

So, yeah, probably wise of you to grab a different maps app if you haven't already.  Especially if you're traveling sometime soon.