Ahh, finally, the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend. And you know what that means to many of us? Time to fire up the grill.  I can't wait for the  burgers, chicken and ribs (and some veggies, sure).

We all have our favorites, but here are a few tips to help make you a true Grill King.

All-American Burgers

While you probably have pretty good idea how to grill a hamburger, it never hurts to see how somebody else does it. Watch this video tutorial from the BBQ Pit Boys, and you just might pick up a tip or two.

Grilled T-Bone Steaks

Can’t go wrong with a juicy T-bone steak to officially kick off summer. Here's how to properly prepare it on the grill:


You don't need a professional-style smoker to make some scrumptious ribs—just a grill and an appetite.

Barbecue Pizza

Combine the greatness of the grill with the greatness of pizza. This tutorial shows you how to prep your pie on either a gas or charcoal grill, depending on your equipment:

Vegetable Medley

The Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis grills her veggies in the kitchen, but you can summer-fy the recipe by taking the same steps on the outdoor grill:

Beer-Can Chicken

Keep your grilled chicken moist and stable on the pit with a can of beer:

Shrimp With Lemon Aioli

Break up the usual fare with lemony jumbo shrimp from the grill: