Here’s something you may not know about Michigan Wolverines' football coach Jim Harbaugh - one of his coaching strategies is the fact that nowhere in his khaki pockets will you find a depth chart on game day (as he never releases one before a game).

And knowing that, the Colorado Buffaloes decided to have a little fun at the expense of their Michigan opponent this week.

Because they did release a depth chart. (FYI -- a depth chart is the football equivalent of a baseball line up card, it lists starters for all positions and their back ups)

But it’s less a depth chart and more a list off the deep end as it is a completely fictional filled in with names of fictional TV and movie characters as well as some more notable, non-football players.

You know like their starting QB Elmer Fudd who at 5-foot-2 and a 165-pounds may be just to “wascally” to tackle.

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And even if you can contain him good luck stopping their receiving duo of the 6-foot-2, 95-pounds soaking wet Olive Oil and slightly taller 7-foot-6, 220-pound Manute Bol on the other side.

And if they take to the ground you’re really in trouble with Hanson Brothers from the movie, “Slap Shot,” all listed as fullbacks.

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Stewie Griffin—well safe to say it’ll be the first time Harbaugh isn’t the most animated character on the sideline.