I mentioned in an earlier blog regarding the Civic Theater that "The Dixie Swim Club" would be opening their 87th season on September 7th.

Well, here is something even more exciting.  With Circle Theater opening their 60th season this year as well, Civic is partnering up with Circle Theater to offer a "twofer," two shows for nearly the cost of one!

Circle Theater opens September 6th with "The Great American Trailer Park Musical," and it doesn't get much better than a musical about a trailer park.  

At any rate, Civic and Circle are teaming up to celebrate fabulous community theater by offering tickets for each show for only $40.  You can treat yourself to two fantastic shows for nearly 30% less than if you bought individual tickets.

What a way to spend a couple of September nights.  Wonderful, local entertainment, and saving 30%.  That's the way to go.  

You can't buy this deal at either box office, however.  You can only buy it through this web site, circlecivic.com

Just click on the link I've given you and enjoy two fine shows, Civic's "The Dixie Swim Club" and Circle's "The Great American Trailer Park Musical."

Now that makes a great, entertaining September.