Tuesday morning the city of Grand Rapids took some time out to honor employees who have gone above and beyond, not because they had to, but just because they wanted to help their community.

The Team of the Year is the Grand Rapids Fire Department’s Utility Two team.  They got together to turn an old city dump truck into a traffic barrier that served to protect fire engines on the highway.  The best news of all, is this project cost taxpayers nothing.

The Employee of the Year is officer Shelly Weiss of the Grand Rapids Police Department. Shelly was  honored for her efforts to help clean up neighborhoods plus her work with the planning commission.

These are the folks who do good when no one is watching and there is no personal gain.  Besides being our heroes for the work they do, they are also Grand Rapids every day heroes!   If you know the guys and girls on Utility Two or even Shelly Weiss, be sure to give them a "High Five" and thank them for going above and beyond.