For those who were listening to the Andy and Chuck morning show on WTRV FM, you are right. I've come down with another case of laryngitis. Inability to speak clearly is an issue if your career depends upon being heard.

Long time WTRV listeners know that I have a recurring laryngitis issue related to what is known as "vocal-loading," or, overuse of the vocal chords. Certainly, those know know me know I talk a lot. Probably more than I should. In this case, my vocal-loading occurs as part of my time spent coaching ice hockey.

I am coach of the Rockford junior varsity hockey team. 20 outstanding kids with hopes of playing high school varsity hockey. Great kids. I don't know who enjoys it more, me or them. However, ice hockey is played indoors in low humidity environment played in a large ( 200' x 85' ) area. Sometimes I have to raise my voice to be heard over such a long area. Such as the case today.

Many thanks to the many listeners who have offered suggestions and remedies and to those who have had to endure my squeeky voice on air. Thanks to Andy Rent for carrying the ball while I get better and to the good people of Townsquare Media for their patience and support.