Billions of Christmas cards are still sent each year, but they are rapidly being replaced by social media, videos, and other holiday greetings.

Do you still send Christmas cards?

A lot of people have cut back or eliminated cards altogether.

The overall trend is declining. Christmas card makers hope to reverse that trend with new, creative cards. reports:

Americans this year are expected to buy 1.5 billion Christmas cards, a drop of 25 percent over the past decade, according to Hallmark.The U.S. Greeting Card Association is more optimistic -- it projects 2013 Christmas card sales to hit 1.6 billion.

On Facebook, we asked River listeners how many Christmas cards they planned to send this year.  We got a variety of answers. A few listeners said zero. Some said only a few, while others send out as many as ever.

We are more connected than ever thanks to social media and a variety of other options, but there's still something special about receiving a Christmas card.

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