Asked the other day how Vanessa and I came up with names for our children... girl names were easy. Alana just sounded like a nice girl name. Boys names were difficult however, almost every name my wife suggested reminded me of someone I didn't like. It took us two days after Cameron was born to come up with his name. Two days -- how pathetic. I feel a lot better after reading this story:

A two-year-old girl can thank the Family Court of Australia for finally giving her a name. The "Herald Sun" says the court ordered the toddler's parents to use the name suggested by the mother to register their child's birth. The couple's relationship had reportedly started falling apart before the birth of their child, prompting them to argue over a name for the next two years. The father had claimed that the name picked by the mother was offensive to his Islamic faith, but an imam informed the judge there was nothing offensive about the name. The judge ultimately decided that the father's disagreement with the name was more evidence of his desire to control the mother and her parenting.