So last week, Cheerios released an ad featuring an interracial couple and their little girl.  The girl asked about the health benefits of eating Cheerio's.  Here's the original ad.  I think this is adorable.

While many people liked the ad, eventually there were a lot of racist comments on the YouTube channel.  Their VP of Marketing addressed the backlash to, saying "Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all."

But another creative YouTube user, Kenji America, didn't feel that response was pointed enough.  So they created a less "corporate" response video.  It's a great parody that, at the end, says "Eat it, haters."

And I love at the end when she yells to "disable the YouTube comments!" They aren't, by the way.