With the data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and other retailers lately, many people are either a) diligently checking their accounts or b) glad they don't/didn't shop at Target or Neiman Marcus.

While the newest scam isn't connected to those data breaches, unfortunately there is another scam you'll want to watch out for.

Check your bank and credit card statements closely for a charge of $9.84.  Apparently scammers are now "testing" stolen credit card numbers with a small charge, believing many people won't closely review such small amounts.

Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for Credit.com, tells USA TODAY that cardholders too often overlook small charges.

"It can be a lot easier for a crook to steal small amounts from thousands of customers than large amounts from a few," Detweiler, says. "This kind of theft can be extremely easy since it's unlikely to raise red flags."

If you catch this $9.84 charge on your accounts and search for that business on the internet, any website you go to will display "customer support" and promise to refund your last payment.  Many scammers will apparently refund your money because they don't want you calling the credit card companies, but some scammers won't.

Bottom line: if you catch a random charge for $9.84 on your account, call the credit card company or issuing bank.

More information at USAToday.com and Credit.com.