You know how, as kids, we'd sit at the breakfast table with a cereal box in front of us while we munched away.  And, you would always read the box because there was always a really cool offer on the back and you just had to have Captain Midnight's Decoder Ring, if you could only save enough box tops.  Better yet, maybe it was inside!!  I don't know about you, but I'd just dump the cereal out to find it, or reach in and fish around.  My mother was never happy with me.  Couldn't figure it out.

Now days, from what I've seen, the boxes are pretty boring.  Except...maybe not.  I may go back to staring at a cereal box again.

We found these light-up cereal boxes today that illuminate store shelves. These are just a marketing demo, but there’s a good chance this electrical induction technique will be lighting up grocery stores in the near future, and, who knows, your breakfast table.

We’ve got the video, along with a few other mind-blowing examples of the future of point of purchase display gadgetry.