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NASA’s Back in Space Flight Game with Orion [Video]
NASA reached a major milestone Friday as the Orion spacecraft completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any spacecraft designed for astronauts has been in more than 40 years.
Bottom line: NASA's back in the spaceflight game for the first time since the space shuttle program end…
These Are Not Your Dad’s Versions of ‘Jingle Bells’ [Video]
We've been playing Christmas music on Greatest Hits 98.7 WFGR's sister station, 100.5 The River, since Nov. 2.
In addition to my gig as mid-day host on 98.7 WFGR, I am also our operations manager. Part of my job is helping schedule the music for WFGR and 100.5 The River.
So, yes, I have gotten to know…
Airplane is Stuck in Snow…Passengers get out and Push! [Video]
Flying can be a real hassle. It gets us there, but sometime not without a little pain. We all complain when we fly about the extra baggage charges, having to pay for snacks on the flight, lack of good food, lack of leg room, but, have you ever had to get out and push your plane? No, seriously, push …

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