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Skydiver Drops Camera and it Survives [Video]
This is an amazing video.
A skydiver accidentally dropped his GoPro camera at 10,000 feet in the air after jumping, and the tough little camera recorded the entire, dizzying trip back to Earth and amazingly survived the crash down.
Vinyl Is Back, with Styx Pushing Its Eight Albums
Many old-school groups seem to be releasing music this spring, either digitally re-mastered classics or brand spanking new music.
Styx is heading out on tour to support its eight-album vinyl box set collection, which is slated for release May 12. No tour dates have been released yet, although tickets…
Ride Along With Driver as Snow Plow Passes by [Video]
Driving our snow-filled West Michigan roads can be very hazardous in the winter. You do have to hand it to our snow plow crews for doing a great job of keep the roads as drivable as possible with all of our snow.
I say that because after you watch this video you'll REALLY be glad you live here i…

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