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Volkswagen Halts Sales Due to Emissions Scandal
Tell me it isn't true. The Auto Industry takes it on the chin again as another auto manufacturer admits to an egregious cover up, this time for violating U.S. Emissions standards.
The culprit is Volkswagen, and if you own one,or may have been contemplating buying one, you might think again. The Germa…
Last Day in the Pool for all Things Four-Legged [Video]
Summer vacation is over and kids are back in school. One of the sad moments of the unofficial ending of summer, is the closing of swimming pools in parks, at clubs, etc. Oh, well, wait 'till next year. However, the city of Calgary, Alberta, decided their closing for the off-season should be spe…
Three-month-old Baby Speaks [Video]
Here is my Tuesday morning awww moment with this pretty amazing video. A three-month-old baby has gone viral for speaking his first words.
This father was able to catch the incredible moment his little baby boy said "I love you."

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