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Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Organ Donation On Facebook Timeline
Facebook is about connecting and sharing right?  You probably connect with your friends, family, your community and maybe even people you have never met before.  You share information about your  life, work, school, your interests. Now, today, on your timeline, if you are on Facebook you can share …
Starbucks Will “Stop It” with the Bugs
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about Starbucks and the crushed bugs being used as a red dye in some it's drinks, and got quite a reaction.  It certainly did around the country.
Starbucks had said they weren't doing anything that others weren't doing as well, but would consid…
Meet A 4-Year Old MENSA Member
What were you doing when you were 4?
I think I was battling the forces of evil in our neighborhood cowboy and guns battles.  I could fire a cap-gun pretty darn fast, if I do say so myself.  Or, maybe I was pretending to be Superman or Batman and "saving the world."
Doctors Say Biggest Baby Ever Seen In 20,000 Births!
That headline reads like something you might see on the front page of The Globe or The National Enquirer doesn't it?  Ginormous baby enters the world, born to an alien mother.  But this is the real deal.  Cynthia Sigler has known for some time now that she was going to have a big…
Kony Video is Powerful and Impactful
It's all over the internet.  It's all over TV.  It's on your Facebook page.
A video gaining international attention is using the power of the Internet to stop Joseph Kony, the head of a small but infamous militia that has terrorized northern Uganda with killings, kidn…

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