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Doomsday Asteroid Officially Upgraded in Size
An asteroid that scientists said could threaten Earth’s atmosphere in 2036 is now believed to be substantially larger than previously stated. In fact, astronomers currently studying the dreaded, potential doomsday rock say asteroid 'Apophis' has officially been supersized by about 20…
Kate and William Are Expecting
Get the nursery ready: Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting their first child.
St. James's Palace announced the pregnancy today, saying that the Duchess of Cambridge — formerly known as Kate Middleton — has a severe form of morning sickness and is currently in a London…
The Luckiest Driver In The World (video)
Doesn't it seem that we've seen a lot of videos from Russia lately about wacky accidents?
It sure does, and my latest 'video-of-the-day' is no different.
Ladies and gentleman, the Internet -- in conjunction with the Russian Federation -- presents, the luckiest truck driver in the w…
7 American Troops Die in Afghan Helicopter Crash
More sad news from the war in Afghanistan.
The international military force in Afghanistan says seven American troops are among the 11 people who died in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in the country's south. A Taliban spokesman says the insurgents shot down the aircraft but the NATO-led force …

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