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The Luckiest Driver In The World (video)
Doesn't it seem that we've seen a lot of videos from Russia lately about wacky accidents?
It sure does, and my latest 'video-of-the-day' is no different.
Ladies and gentleman, the Internet -- in conjunction with the Russian Federation -- presents, the luckiest truck driver in the w…
7 American Troops Die in Afghan Helicopter Crash
More sad news from the war in Afghanistan.
The international military force in Afghanistan says seven American troops are among the 11 people who died in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in the country's south. A Taliban spokesman says the insurgents shot down the aircraft but the NATO-led force …
Could Texting Make Kids’ Grammar Worse?
We already know texting while driving is bad, but new research seems to indicate that even before kids are old enough to get behind the wheel, texting might have another downfall: it’s making their grammar worse.
Olympic ‘Protest’ Bags Poke Fun at ‘Fat Americans’
So it turns out not everyone has Olympic fever. I can imagine, that while some Londoners feel honored to host the Games, others are  not looking forward to the hoards of tourists invading their, the inevitable traffic delays, and just the general disruption that's caused by hosting one of world's la…

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