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North American International Auto Show: Cars Are the Stars [Video]
The 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit kicked off Monday with news media preview days.
Monday and Tuesday are the two days when automakers introduce their new products to the world via the media. The show for the general public opens Saturday, and runs through runs through Jan. 26…
Mayor Magglio Ordonez?
He looks a bit different. The flowing locks are gone, but the new look is for a new career.  Former Detroit Baseball darling, Magglio Ordonez is working in his new profession, politics.
A year after retiring from baseball, Ordoñez has been elected as the mayor of a city in his native Vene…
Are Gas Prises Going Up? Yep!
That September drop you were expecting for gasoline prices? Don't hold your breath.
Currently, gasoline averages $3.55 a gallon nationally, down from $3.63 a month ago. Most analysts expected a drop to about $3.40 by early fall, as seasonal demand slumps after the summer driving season. Now, som…

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