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Winter Olympics: Securing the Sochi Games [Video]
By Joe Ruley | BSU at the Games
Russia has created one of the world’s largest security forces for the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Doug Fry is in Sochi, Russia, to cheer on his daughter, Lyndsey Fry, a forward on the U.S. women's hockey team. The Chandler, Ariz., resident doesn't mind the security at Shayba…
Winter Olympics: Meet the U.S. Nordic Combined Team
I am so excited that 100.5 The River is at the Sochi Winter Olympics!
That is because we have teamed up with Ball State University, BSU at the Games and its their communications/journalism department.  Twenty-two communications and journalism students are covering every aspect of the Russian-hel…
From Mundane to Meteoric: Olympic Medals Through the Years
By Ryan Howe | BSU at the Games
Placing in the Olympic Games is big. Really big.
The winners walk away with their heads held high and a medal draped around their necks.
Unfortunately, many of the medal designs aren’t something to put in a glass case for everyone to see, much less wear around.

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