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A Brawl at the Mall With the Easter Bunny, No Less [Video]
Palm Sunday sure wasn't a peaceful day at a mall in Jersey City, New Jersey. Come on, it's Easter, but you wouldn't have known it when Easter festivities spiraled out of control into an all-out brawl. The NY Daily News reported he worst part about the brawl was that it was between a c…
Kalamazoo Shooter Says Uber App Made Him Kill
The shooting suspect in the February 20 shootings in Kalamazoo which killed six people and wounded two others told officers it was the Uber app that directed him to do the crime. Jason Dalton is in jail awaiting trial for the crimes.
Major Junior Hockey can be Wacky, but This Takes the Cake [Video]
This is an incredible moment in hockey, not always seen. Actually, probably never seen before. It happened in a Major Junior Hockey league game.
Now we all know Junior Hockey can be wild. If you're a parent and your kids are in hockey, you're aware of some of the craziness that can go on. But, as the…
Five Things You Can Buy That Are Shaped Like Michigan
We love our state so much we put it on everything we wear, and everything in our house. Don't believe me? Just count the number of Michigan shaped crafts you can buy at the Eastown Art Fair every summer.
Here are five things you can buy to demonstrate your love for the unique shape of our state.

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