Weird News

WMU Sets World Record For Romance
Western Michigan University is now home to a particularly adorable world record. The university gathered a whopping 1,201 couples who wanted to renew their vows…at the same time.
Haunted Grand Rapids: The St. Cecilia Music Center
It's that time of year again, when ghost and goblin stories either freak you out, or give you the desire to explore and prove the stories wrong.
On our tour of Haunted Grand Rapids, our first stop is the St. Cecilia Music Center on Ransom St. NE. Is it haunted?
What Is Michigan’s Stupidest Landmark? [Video]
In Indiana, it’s the World’s Biggest Crapper! In Missouri, it’s the Fudge Factory in Uranus! And Kentucky has Big Bone Lick State Park! But what is Michigan's Stupidest Landmark?
Well, according to, it's a place I've never heard of before, but now I real…

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