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TV Anchor Finds Dog in Hot Car. What did he do? [Video]
How many stories have we heard lately about children or animals left in a car on a hot day, with the windows rolled up and the car locked. Don't you know how dangerous that is?
A Denver news anchor does. His name is Kyle Clark and he works for TV9. He was out doing a report, and heard a dog cryi…
A Dating Site for Donald Trump Fans…..No Kidding
I think the political landscape just got a little wackier. Now, the fans of Donald Trump, the possible soon-to-be Republican Presidential nominee, have set up a dating website. No, seriously, if you're a Trump fan, and you're looking for someone else who shares your passion for The Donald,…
Amazing Time-Lapse Video of Bird Nest With a Sad End [Video]
Oh, no, say it isn't so. But, yes, it is so. In other words, yes, this really did happen.
Someone set up a camera pointed at a bird's nest in a tree to capture a time-lapse video of eggs hatching. It begins very sweet with mother Robin tending to her nest of four blue eggs, and hoping they will hatch…
Weird Food Combinations are Yummy
Do you have any weird food combinations? Like, dill pickles dipped in peanut butter, or jello with mayonnaise. You know, something real crazy that you, and probably you alone, like? Actually, you're probably not alone at all.
Brotherly Love has no Bounds and is True Inspiration
Truly, brotherly love has no bounds. Especially for Hunter and Braden.
This is a heart-warming story about a 16-year-old Michigan boy who is supporting his nine-year-old brother, who has cerebral palsy, by putting his brother on his back and walking 111 miles.

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