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Everything has fun in the Snow [Video]
I can't resist sharing this with you today. It's Saturday, and you need a "feel good" story. So, let me take you to the Oregon Zoo.
Animals playing in the snow just may be the only thing you need to watch today!
Things Have Sure Changed in the Past 100 Years
Time flies when you're having fun. Actually, you don't have to be having fun, because time flies, period.
Change! Change is the only constant in ones life. And, with time flying so fast, and change right along with it, my, what change we have seen over the years. What was it like, say, 100 …
Free Hotel Rooms Offered Over the Holidays
I'm finding goodness in so many people and businesses this holiday. It seems, whatever that 'spirit' is, we get it, at least over the holidays. And, that goodness is spreading to people who have friends or family members hospitalized, in nursing homes or in treatment centers over the …

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