Highway Driving Will Drive you Nuts
Highway driving will drive you nuts. Construction, of course is nuts, bad weather, sure, but really, it's other drivers. Everyone, but you of course, is out of their mind!
I was on a road trip this past weekend with heavy traffic, and while watching other stupid drivers, I made some mental notes…
The Top Five West Michigan Beaches to Visit This Summer
You can feel it. A little anyway. Summer is almost here, and it's time to start thinking about some tasty waves and the sweet smell of SPF 40 sun screen.
Here’s five beaches worth making the drive from Grand Rapids to visit.  I’ve included some old favorites, and at least one hidden gem (that I guess…
Top Five State Park Summer Camping Locations In Michigan
I know you're thinking -- 'Jojo, it's way too cold to go camping just yet', and you're right. Unless you're me. I love freezing to death slowly in my cheap tent.
Even if you hate spring camping, now is the time to make those camping reservations if you're to ha…

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