There is Still Room for You on our Trip to Italy
August is just around the corner and there is a wonderful trip to Italy waiting for you. Yes, there is still room for you to join me as we spend nine delightful days in Tuscany exploring, eating delicious food and sampling fabulous wines, August 24 through September 1.
Last Chance to Go With us to Italy
Time is running out for you to join me and Collette Spotlight Tours, for one of the best vacations you'll ever have. We're going to Italy in August and this is the last week to sign up.
Highway Driving Will Drive you Nuts
Highway driving will drive you nuts. Construction, of course is nuts, bad weather, sure, but really, it's other drivers. Everyone, but you of course, is out of their mind!
I was on a road trip this past weekend with heavy traffic, and while watching other stupid drivers, I made some mental notes…

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