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Google Reveals Smart Phone-like Glasses
Science Fiction books and movies seem to be coming true, one invention at a time.  And, here is another, Smart Phone Glasses!  On Wednesday, Google unveiled a long-rummored concept called "Project Glass," which takes the ability of a smartphone and puts it into eyeglasse…
Metal Detectors In Grand Rapids Banks, What Do You Think?
When I visited Israel back in December, I must admit that at first it was a little unusual to be stopped upon entering the mall, told to walk through the metal detector, and allow security to take a quick look in my purse.  But after riding the public bus to the mall for about a week straight, …
Michigan Can Now Print 4,000 Medical Marijuana Cards A Day
Reading this story sounds an awful lot like the State of Michigan has legally allowed the use of medical marijuana.  Am I the only one that is reading this story that way?  It's almost like. "We need to get more cards printed, more quickly, so people can legally be using the stuff without getti…
A Pill Can Cure Racism?
Okay, this is a little weird, but, could the solution to racism be the popular blood pressure pill Propranolol?
I'm not kidding.  There may be a pill to "cure what ails you," racism.
Coffee Helps Prevent Diabetes, But Now Scientists Learn Why
My dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago.  My brother was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within the last 5 years.  Diabetes has affected my brothers vision resulting in numerous laser treatments to stop the hemorrhaging behind his eyes...
Weird Apps for Valentine’s Day
Apps for your phone, apps for you iPad/tablet, they're everywhere.  Games, maps, gps, dating, music, anything you can think of probably has an app for it.

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