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Cell Phones and Radiation…a Health Problem?
You know, we Americans spend a lot of time on our cell phones. We've heard warning from some that we could be getting radiation from our phones.  However you can never find anything definitive.
Are you concerned, worried, don't care?
You Could Lose Your Internet Connection Monday
What's up with this?  I might lose the internet?
Come Monday, more than a quarter of a million PC users around the country, could find themselves cut off from the Internet.   The FBI will be taking down a safety net they had put up to protect us from this very thing, a specific piece …
Cancer Diagnosis Increases Risk Of Suicide, Heart Attack And Stroke
Researchers have found that when a person is given a cancer diagnosis it can have deadly consequences.  According to a new study a cancer diagnosis can increase the risk of suicide, heart attack and stroke.
The Swedish study followed more than 6 million adult men and women and 786 of those were  dia…
By 2050, Robots Could Be The Future Of Prostitution
I was watching a show online yesterday and the host said to a panel of women, "If your boyfriend or husband cheated on you with a robot prostitute would that be considered cheating to you?"  Not surprisingly, the women on the panel, thought it was not only cheating but pretty gross.  By th…
Tech That Kids Born Today Will Never Know
Well this is depressing!  Then over the weekend, I read a piece on "things that kids born today won't ever use or even know about."  And they weren't talking about things that have come and gone during OUR lifetime, like phone books, VCR/VHS and others.  Th…
Thousands May Lose Internet Services In July
I wouldn't have thought anything like this could have even happened but I was wrong.  When the FBI gets involved you know it's serious.  Why is it that thousands of people might lose internet service in July?  One word, HACKERS!
The problem first started when international hackers ran an advertising …
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Got Married! Was There A Pre-Nup?
My mom told me yesterday,  "That Facebook guy got married." Mark Zuckerberg?, I asked.  My next question was: did they say whether she signed a pre-nup or not?  Mom didn't know the answer to that multi-million dollar question.
Now, I'm not trying to take the romance out of love or anything …
Manscaping, It’s Not Just For Porn Stars Anymore!
Every women's talk show I have watched in the last couple weeks has covered this subject including The View and The Talk.
It's a somewhat new term, but woman have been doing this for years, remember hearing about the Brazilian wax, the landing strip and vajazzling?  Women h…

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