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The Blue Marble
Here is an iconic photo taken 43 years ago that no man had seen before.
It was on December 8, in 1972 that astronauts on the Apollo 17 spacecraft took a famous photograph of Earth, a photo that came to be known as "The Blue Marble." Ph...
Here are the Top Toys for Christmas
Do you have your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping finished, wrapped and ready to go? Are you kidding?
Okay, seriously, most of us are still madly rushing about gathering presents and are somewhat clueless as to what to by the kids and grandkids.
Have no fear, I have this handy-dandy guide to the top Chr…
Small Business Cyber Threat is Big Threat for West Michigan
The Small Business Development Center of Michigan (SBDC) announced its efforts to assist Michigan small businesses in evaluating risk of cyber threats by offering a free risk assessment tool.
The initiative, which centers on a website assessment tool that evaluates risk and provides cyber security re…
Volkswagen Halts Sales Due to Emissions Scandal
Tell me it isn't true. The Auto Industry takes it on the chin again as another auto manufacturer admits to an egregious cover up, this time for violating U.S. Emissions standards.
The culprit is Volkswagen, and if you own one,or may have been contemplating buying one, you might think again. The Germa…
Pajama Party at Cascade Township Park for Perseid Meteor Shower
Spread a blanket with other sky watchers and watch streaks of light dart overhead at the “Perseid Pajama Party.” The Grand Rapids Public Museum, in conjunction with the Grand Rapids Amateur Astrological Association, announced today the return of this successful event to Cascade Township …
Device Addiction Grows with Mobile Internet of Things [Video]
Well, this is interesting. Maybe not the reality of it, but its depth, breadth and reach.
According to a new Deloitte survey on mobile consumer trends, we -- as in us U.S. consumers -- are becoming more and more obsessed with our electronic devices. Just call it device addiction.
Some of the facts: Ne…

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