Kelly Clarkson Sings Karaoke With 10-Year old [Video]
Would you have the nerve to do this? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. Do what, you say? Ask Kelly Clarkson to sing with me.
Too intimidated? Not this 10-year old at Sam's, a Nashville Karaoke club. Seems Kelly walked into the club with family, and Ava Davis went right up to her and asked if…
Hilarious “Songified” Video With Blondie and Joe Biden [Video]
Here is some great Sunday morning fun for you.
The Auto-tuning production team, The Gregory Brothers, have Songified the news again, this time featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Blondie, with Vice President Joe Biden. A word of warning, some of the video is rated PG-13. Those faint-of-heart, look…

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