Snickers Super Bowl Ads Are Always the Best [Video]
Super Bowl commercials are usually among the best created ones of the year. With millions of people watching, advertisers pull out all the stops in hopes of rising to the top, and, sell lots of product.
Snickers has always been one of my favorites, year after year using celebrities, old TV shows, and…
In El Salvador you can be Shot for Drunk Driving
Weird laws about drinking are a worldwide phenomenon, with international alcohol laws sometimes pretty far out there. Here in America, we have some truly strange regulations on the books as well. But, my favorite is El Salvador where there is actually a law on the books that says you can face a firi…
Daddy, You’re Too Funny [Video]
If this Tuesday is a tough day for you, then watching this video is the perfect medicine.
This little girl laughs at her dad every time he tries to tell her what snow is and where it comes from. Daddy's funny!

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