Sister Act, The Musical, Opens at Civic Theatre Next Friday
Who didn't like Sister Act, the movie with Whoopi Goldberg. In fact Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, were great movies, and were rated as two of the top comedies in movies, ever! They spawned Sister Act, The Musical, and Grand Rapids Civic Theatre has the pleasure on presenting i…
This is how you Move Furniture in Ireland [Video]
We're heading to Ireland this August for 12-wonderful days, and I hope you will come with us. Our trip is almost sold out, so it's up to you, to go or not to go, that is the question. The link, by the way, for all the information and reserving your spot, is at the top of this page.
Kathy and I are so…
This is a Creepy Crawly Salad [Video]
We all buy prepackaged salad sometimes, right? And you check it out when you open the bag, right? You rinse it, toss it, making sure it's okay, right? Not always. But it's a good thing this lady looked at the bag carefully before she opened it.
Snickers Super Bowl Ads Are Always the Best [Video]
Super Bowl commercials are usually among the best created ones of the year. With millions of people watching, advertisers pull out all the stops in hopes of rising to the top, and, sell lots of product.
Snickers has always been one of my favorites, year after year using celebrities, old TV shows, and…

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