Bad Lip Reading Takes on NFL Again [Video]
Lately I've felt like I was missing something. Thank goodness Bad Lip Reading has a new video to bring the joy back into my life.
I freaking love this stuff. If you haven't seen the BLR series which dubs hysterical commentary over movies, music videos, TV shows, political ads and more, do yourself a …
Worst Oscar-Nominated Movies of All Time
Every year, when the Oscar nominations are announced, a considerable amount of time is spent debating who was snubbed. But for every film that was expecting to get nominated and didn't, there's a film that no one was expecting to get nominated and did. This is the story of those films. The…
2014’s Best Animal Videos
Animal videos and the Internet go together like Taylor Swift and adoring 14-year-old girls. This year, we've seen more than our fair share of them.

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