Is Laughter Contagious? [Video]
Is laughter contagious? When you see someone laughing, do you begin laughing too?
A New York filmmaker recently conducted a social experiment on a subway car to see if laughter is actually contagious. What do you think?
A Christmas Story Next Production at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
It's not often a local, community theatre is offered production rights to a much coveted musical that is on a professional national tour, but Grand Rapids Civic Theatre got that call several months ago. The question? We would like you to produce "A Christmas Story." Are you in…
Cute Cat Video for all cat Lovers [Video]
Our weather is pretty good, all things considered. We had the warmest first part of November we have ever had, and this weekend is wonderful with some sunshine and a high of 50ish. However, in Scotland, they're beginning to see snow flurries. Tell this cat it isn't true.

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